Monday, December 15, 2014

RMWK-Gift Giving Ideas

Here is a quick list that I will probably add to of great gift ideas for all those who love the kilt.

Colt Fixed Blade Hunter Sgian-Dubh,Burl Wood Handle -

Ballock Dagger/Dirk with Black Sheath -

Cold Steel Scottish Dirk Sword -

Classic Garter Ties (Asst Colors) -

KONOV Jewelry Mens Womens Leather Bracelet, Fleur De Lis Charm Bangle -

Medieval/ Scottish Cloak Pin -

Medieval Oval Brass Brooch -

Sterling Silver Celtic Scottish Thistle Kilt or Cloak Pin -

Stunning Polished Horn Scarf, Plaid, Cloak Ring and Pin -

Medium Celtic Pewter Brooch 2" diameter -

Sword and Targe, Celtic Horses Kilt Pin -

Stag Head Kilt Pin Crest Mounted Chrome Finish Kilt Pin -

Stunning Traditional Scottish Celtic Thistle Kilt Pin - Blackened Chrome -

Men's Scottish Sword Thistle Kilt Pin In Antique Finish -

UT Kilts Men's UTK Standard Utility Kilt Black -

UT Kilts Men's Scottish Kilt Gordon Tartan 16 oz - 8 yard -

Sport Kilt 'Original Black Watch Kilt' - Large - Green -

Mens Kilt MacDonald Tartan Full 8 Yard with 24 inch Drop option 38 to 40 inch -

Mens Scottish Scottish National Tartan Kilt Size: 38" - 40" -

Lego Minifigures Series  "Scottish BagPiper" -

Lego Minifigures Series Highland Battler -

LEGO Minifigures Series SAMURAI WARRIOR -

LEGO Minifigures  Heroic Knight -

Cold Steel Scottish Broad Sword with Leather/Wood Scabbard -

CAS Hanwei Scottish Basket Hilt Broadsword -

Windlass Scottish Basket Hilt Sword -

CAS Hanwei Scottish Basket Hilt Backsword -