Saturday, November 15, 2014

Getting The Tooth Pulled

Even Real Men have to have teeth pulled. I hate the dentist. Well not the guy himself, but the act of going. I am one who does not care for going to doctors and such.

But I had to have a tooth pulled and it is looking like I might have a couple more needed and then on top of that, a plate put in. Oh joy.

Then I think that once I have this done I will not have to only eat the soft food and that maybe I can eat more things, which is a good thing for us kilt wearing men.

Needless to say, I am not fond of the dentist. He is doing his job and as much as I hate admiting it, he is doing it pretty well.

Once I get the work done, I hope to be able to partake in much of the food items that I have missed over the months.

Just so you know, real men who wear kilts, well the dentist is one of those things that the magic aura of the kilt does not help.. at least not much.

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