Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kilts Equals Freedom

I have a new favorite book. It is called "Kiltology Volume 1: Words of Wisdom for the Kilted Universe" By Kevin M. Thompson

It is a great book, easy to read and filled with a lot of great kilt wisdom.

One of those wisdoms is 

Kiltology #7

It is your kilt, wear it as you wish.

Anyone who tells you otherwise can fork over the hundreds or thousands of dollars necessary to meet their definition of "properly kilted". Living "properly kilted" is VERY expensive.

I like to peruse the kilt forums and group pages on Facebook. You get to see a lot of cool kilts and kilt accessories.

While checking out some of the Facebook pages I ran across one of my favorited kilt makers "North of Hadrian's Kilts and Celtic clothing" they just created a new video displaying their goods. Jackson is the owner and provides great customer service.

 Here is his vidoe that he produced --

I was thankful that Jackson shared the video and then we had a person who was kind of showing off their kilt knowledge complaining about the footware they saw in the video.

Great, one of those kilt-know-it-alls and the person is a woman to boot.

Folks, everything goes well with a kilt, it is the freedom that kilts exude and represents. We are not confined to the vogue trends and such which is the wonderful thing about kilts.

So if you are a kiltie, and someone comes up expressing their fashion opinion, tip your hat and let them know that it is your kilt and you will wear it and accessorize it any way that one should want.

When one wears a kilt, one has freedom.


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