Thursday, October 30, 2014

Discovering Cool Music

There is a lot of great music that is Celtic in nature and also Scottish. I found a GREAT playlist today on You Tube with modern pipe and drum.

Bands like Clanadonia, Alabannach, and other great non typical bands. I guess I like this sort of raw music and it is very enjoyable. 

Clanadonia - Egyptian 


Albannach - The Fire and Thunder of Scotland

Here is a link to a great play list with many of these bands as well as Irish reels and pub music. You can turn this on and just let it play. It has several hours of really good music.

BUT be warned, if ye not got any Scot blood in ye, it will probably sound like a bunch o' noise after a while. If you find yourself tapping ye toe a bit, then there is hope for ye.


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