Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Me Facebook Page - Real Men Wear Kilts

Morn'n to ya all.

Seeing this is a somewhat new blog, I wanted to share a bit more about myself, my love for everything Scottish and my ancestry. Not all at once mind you.

As I have mentioned. I have loved kilts, pipes and Scottish stuff ever since I was a wee lad. I remember one day when my mom was telling me about my history and let it be known we have Celtic blood running through our veins. It was a pretty cool day.

I remember we used to have a set of Encyclopedia Britannica and I loved reading those. I dug out the "S" and started looking up Scotland and reading all about the highlands, pipes, kilts, castles, etc. Really great stuff and that is where my love for Scotland started.   

Fast forward to today and now that I am older, I have the time to indulge in my Scottish love and do some of those cool things that I have always dreamed of.

For example, I enjoy weapons, in fact blades in particular. I am one who believes in "he who has the most blades when he dies, wins." So you can imagine all the knives, swords and other sharp pointy things I have laying around the house. Nice thing is that I have a wife who also appreciates my never ending habit and lets me put my nicer blades out for display.

Another thing that I have been able to indulge is kilts. I do not own many right now, at the present I only own five. Three utility kilts and two tartans. But like my blades, that collection is starting to grow as well.

Once I have more posts here, what I will do is review my kilts and give my insight. (I love my UT Kilts)

But what I wanted to share is my Facebook page - Real Men Wear Kilts - This is growing like mad and with the popularity of the show and book series Outlander growing, more and more people are finding my page and joining on.

You can check out the page here --

 We have a great group of people and yes women are allowed to join to. Come check it out and join the rabble of folks. We have a good time sharing everything Kilts - Outlander - Scottish (KOS)

Hope to see ya there.

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